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(Keep It Simple & Stupid)

If stupid means easy-to-use, trouble-free, and low-cost, then we take great pride in producing the stupidest (and simplest) water leak alarm in the market.

Every Flood Buzz™ product works in the same basic way. When water from a leak touches the two metal prongs on the bottom of a Flood Buzz™ water leak alarm, the water closes the circuit and the Flood Buzz™ emits a loud piercing screech. There are no moving parts, no extra components to break, nothing unnecessary. Just a lean, mean, water leak-detecting machine that will save you from the damaging and expensive consequences of undetected water leaks.

All Flood Buzz™ products come with an internal non-serviceable battery already installed. All you have to do is take the Flood Buzz™ out of its wrapper and place it near or next to all potential leak locations such as under sinks, next to appliances, in air-conditioner condensate pans, near sump pumps, in effect, everywhere there’s water within the home.

Flood Buzz™ products are patent-protected and proprietary to us.

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